July 5th-7th, 2019 : Potomac Vegetable Farms
Let's learn to build a liberating world.
Friday July 5th, 5PM-10PM
Saturday July 6th, 10AM-10PM
Sunday July 7th, 10AM-4:30PM

Potomac Vegetable Farm

15227 Berlin Turnpike
Purcellville, VA 20132


Friday, June 21st

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Wildseed Society and Root to Rise presents

Building Convergence

Connect with an emerging group of urban movement leaders, socially conscious farmers, and sustainable green builders as we come together to find healing and transformation in the process of building a microcosm of a more liberating world on Potomac Vegetable Farms.


Building Convergence will provide space for us to learn skills that will be essential to our collective thriving. We will create transformative spaces for folks to share and learn skills around building a new world that include:

-Physically: Build environmentally sustainable homes that can house the revolution

-Socially: Build healing and transformative relationships with each other and the land

-Politically: Build shared visions about a new liberating world we can create here and now

Using the Build/Block/Be framework from the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, this core group of multiracial dreamers and builders wants to explore the possibility of healing from the effects of anti-Blackness by transforming our relationship to the land on which Africans were enslaved. In this process of exploration and transformation we seek to find and build spaces for ourselves to become healthy and whole outside the logic of capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy.


This convergence will focus on re-conceptualizing construction from the masculine, able-bodied perspective to a more accessible and inclusive idea of building rooted in ecological sustainability and mutual aid. There will be skill-shares on the basics of construction and space for us to decolonize our understanding of gender and learn social and emotional building skills. This gathering is meant to bring together folks who want to learn and share skills for liberation in an inclusive and grounding space.


Who are we? 

Building Convergence is being organized by a multiracial collective of DC movement organizers and Potomac Vegetable Farms residents who have been building relationships over the last couple years.
This collective has come together in order to explore what it means to nurture this land, a former plantation where Africans were enslaved after the land was stolen from indigenous people, as a site for spiritual and social liberation and collective ownership with primarily Black and People of Color as part of reparations.
Key organizers from DC are Aaron Goggans, Katie Petitt, Sandra Kim, Rebecca Mintz, Mina Itibashi, Cat Casino and from the farm, Stephen Bradford, Sophia Maravell, and Julia Metzger-Traber.


This event is sponsored by
WildSeed Society and Root To Rise.


The WildSeed Society is a network of pragmatic dreamers, radical space builders and embodied visionaries growing the conditions for the dopest possible worlds in the here and now. Rather than waiting for conditions to spark movement moments, we believe that, over time, we can grow the social conditions from which truly liberating and joyful Black- and POC-led movements to spring, thrive and reach the scale necessary for social transformation.


Root To Rise is the radical educational programming at Potomac Vegetable Farms to support people in critically and creatively think about how to transform the world into a more just, equitable, beautiful and healthy place for everyone. Their programming combines practical, hands-on agricultural and building skills, with theoretical understanding of systems of oppression, and with the expressive arts and nature connection.

Our Workshops

This gathering is meant to bring together folks who want to learn and share skills for liberation in an inclusive environment. Building Convergence will provide projects, workshops, and spaces  for us to learn the physical, social, and political skills that will be essential to our collective thriving.



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